Spring Sale & COVID-19 Update

Spring Sale at Sick On Sin

Hello friend,

Wow, what an interesting, worrisome, and unpredictable place the world has become. I hope you are all keeping safe, sound and sane.

My family is following strict social distancing protocol and as of Friday the 3 of us have been housebound. I'm grateful that Michael and I both work from home and that we have a well-stocked pantry. I *am* a little bummed we didn't get more than 4 bags of chips (of which we're down to 2) but trying to hold off going to a grocery store for another week or so. We are fairly hermit-prone to begin with so this 'quarantine' so far hasn't been too hard. I am starting to miss going to the library though! 

Anyway, I'm sure you know that events and conventions have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. While this is totally necessary, it's going to make things really hard for artists and small businesses like us that rely on them. All of our confirmed Spring events have been cancelled which means a significant chunk of our income brought in during these months is gone. Pair this with having expenses from already purchasing stock and supplies for these shows, and things are entering the Yikes Zone.

While I normally do a Spring sale, this year I'm making it a bit bigger. I know many of you are in a tight financial situation, so def put your family needs first. But for others - if you've had your eyes on some of our goodies or would have bought from us at an upcoming fest or need a small gift for someone special - now would be a wonderful time to make an order. I'm super grateful for every single sale we've ever had in the last 15 years, but any that come in during the next few months I'll be doubly grateful for!

From now until March 22 get up to 30% off your order with the following codes:

Get 25% off orders up to $75 with code:

Get 30% off orders over $75 with code:

We don't know what the future holds but in the meantime take care, be kind, and wash those hands!

With a smile from at least 2 metres away,

P.S. All small businesses will be greatly affected by this and many will not survive. If you're able to purchase supplies from an independent shop or grab take-out / delivery from your fave local eatery, please do so!


Sick On Sin and COVID-19 precautions:


Please be assured that orders are always handled with the upmost care. I'm the only one who makes, packs and ships our orders. I'm a diligent hand washer to begin with but I'm also regularly sanitizing work surfaces.

As part of my social distancing, the only place I plan to go the next while is the post office. I'll be limiting trips to once every 1-2 weeks (so your order may take a few extra days to get to you). Thankfully I use a small rural post office so my odds of interacting with anyone other than the clerk is low!



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