Hey Hey Hey - It's Our 15th Birthday!


Guess who turned 15 years old this month!?

When I started Sick On Sin back in 2005 I def did not expect to still being doing it in 2020. I've told this story many times in the past - SOS was only suppose to be a short-term gig. I had left my job as the manager for a popular Canadian kids' website and was trying to decide what to do with my life. I thought while I figured things out it would be fun to make and sell some cute merch for a bit. I had the advantage of being in a relationship with a superstar illustrator who was willing to do all my designs - which was perfect because despite have tons of ideas, I can't draw.

Fast forward 15 years and I'm still making and selling cute merch (and Michael is still doing all my designs)! It's really crazy how fast the time has gone by. Thanks to SOS I have done and experienced SO MANY great things over the years. Looking back, here are some highlights:

  • We have done over 500 original designs to date (granted, this is something Michael should be proud of as he's the one that has had to draw them - but I've come up with the ideas and bad sketches for them all!)
  • I have been able to use the business to raise money for, promote and otherwise support charities, sanctuaries and organizations I care about.
  • We have a loyal customer base that includes people who have been there since the beginning and people who have made numerous orders.
  • I've connected and became friends with amazing and inspirational fellow small business owners.  
  • All our young fans! This might seem like a strange thing to be proud of but I LOVE that there are so many kids out there who really dig our stuff. (I know how much kids hate getting clothes as gifts but I have heard MANY stories about how happy one was when they unwrap a SOS tee!)

While I have dedicated a lot of time, passion, and hard work to SOS I would never have been able to reach this milestone without the love and support from all our customers, fans and friends around the world. There are a lot of hurdles facing small businesses and it's hard to compete with big box stores and sites like Amazon. There are also way more people doing what I do compared to 15 years ago (which, while that can make things harder, it is actually PRETTY awesome to see so many people using art to support themselves!) And why not throw in trying to survive during a global pandemic just for fun!

So a HUGE thank you to everyone who has ever bought stuff, said kind words about us, promoted us, helped out at events, or aided us in any other way. You got us this far! You're all amazing! And of course, I have to give the biggest thank you to Michael for all the time he's spent drawing the designs, helping me at shows, and assisting in so many other ways! <3


Now a birthday is a time for fun and festivities - so let's get the party started!

1. SALE:

First, it wouldn't be a SOS birthday without a SOS Birthday Sale!

Get FREE SHIPPING on all Canada / USA orders over $15 CDN (and International orders over $100)!

No coupon code required. Sale ends Monday Dec 14 at 11:59 EST.



a) What is a birthday without gifts! All orders over $15 made between Dec 12 - Dec 18 will receive a FREE large magnet featuring this new Party Animal Cat design. I chose a grey cat to pay homage to our sweet old kitty Miso who we had to say goodbye to last month.

(FYI lil' guy is also available to purchase as pins, magnets, keychains, etc. - and is currently 50% off!)

 Cute Party Cat design by Sick On Sin




What's a celebration without games and prizes! We are running giveaways on both the Sick On Sin Facebook page and the Sick On Sin Instagram page where the winners will score this set of 15 of my fave designs (as their choice of either pins or magnets)! 

So be sure to follow both those accounts (if you don't already), look for the post with the below pic and enter! Contests close Dec 15.

Picking 15 designs from the 500+ designs we have done was TOUGH but I think I got a good assortment! If you like what you see, I've made it into a limited-edition set available to purchase for only $15! 

Sick On Sin 15 year birthday giveaway!



4. 50% OFF SALE:

I put a few of our goodies on sale for 50% OFF for the rest of December. 

This sale includes our limited edition holiday designs: Holiday Party Raccoon, Festive Skull, and Krampus.

As well, our fun Mystery Bags are half price! These bags are filled with 10 large-sized pins / magnets that 'seconds' (e.g. slightly scratched). These fun baggies get you a bunch of cute designs for a considerable discount. They're perfect for stockings and little gifts!



Thank you again to everyone who has shown us love over the last 15 years. It's been a fun and interesting ride! While Sick On Sin was never suppose to BE my career, here I am still doing it. And truth be told, I'm still struggling to figure out what to do with my life - so looks like I'll be on this ride at least a little while longer! While I'm not quite sure what the future holds for SOS, I will admit that I am beginning to lose the spark for some aspects of the business so moving forward I'll be looking at ways to make some changes and try some different things. I am excited to see what the next year holds and what cuteness we will release into the world! :D 

Now if you excuse me, I have cake to eat!


P.S. The postal service is extra swamped this year and as a result mail can take longer than usual to arrive. Here were our suggested deadlines for getting orders in to help ensure you received them in time for the holidays (you'll see they've all passed).

There is a small, small chance that orders made asap will reach the USA in time. There is a bit better chance that orders made in Canada will arrive. And if you're in Ontario, there is still a pretty good chance. I am working hard to get orders out as quickly as possible, but please understand that I have no control once it's in the hands of the postal service and there are no delivery guarantees.



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