About Us

Who We Are:

Sick On Sin surfaced in 2005 with the objective of infiltrating the masses with tees and accessories featuring original cute designs. Because nothing satisfies those inner demons more than a dose of cuteness!

We are an indie biz owned / operated by Jennifer Krebsz and Michael Lalonde. Wife and husband team FTW! Jen handles everything from making the products and packing orders to marketing and answering emails. The one thing she doesn’t do (aka can’t do) is draw. So all credit for our devilishly adorable designs go to Michael. (Many of you are already familiar with / fans of Michael through his comic, Orneryboy.)

We are based out of Ontario, Canada (between Cambridge and Hamilton), though happily ship worldwide. We are not a storefront and our studio is not open to the public. However if you would like to shop Sick On Sin in person we do many shows throughout the year in places like Toronto, St. Catharines, Guelph, etc.

Thank you for visiting Sick On Sin! When you buy from us, you are not buying from a giant, faceless corporation. You are supporting a sweet little family who really appreciates it!


What We Make:

Sick On Sin’s products include tshirts for men, women, kids and infants, women undies, tote bags, and cute candy-like accessories in the form of buttons, magnets, keychains, bottle openers and pocket mirrors. Customer satisfaction is very important to us so we make our items using high quality materials. The clothing we use is American Apparel brand (comfy, made in the USA, sweatshop free, organic available) and our accessories are pressed (by us) with top of the line machines and metal parts (also made in USA).

Our products all feature our own original designs which are fun, unique and done in an adorable recognizable style. When it comes to what kind of designs Sick On Sin offers, well let’s just say there is something for everyone! It ranges from animals to cupcakes to unicorns to zombies to ninjas to vegetarian / vegan messaging (and everything in between!). This mix may seem strange but it has proven successful since day 1! The one common factor among them all is that they are designs we stand behind. Basically if it isn’t something Jen would personally wear, Sick On Sin doesn’t make or sell it!


What Matters:

You do! Sick On Sin cares a lot about our customers. After all, if it was not for them, we would not have lasted this long. Getting emails from fans and chatting with people at shows is totally the best! You are never just an order number to us.

Quality, uniqueness, and cuteness of our products are also important to us. When someone buys one our products, we want the customer to be satisfied with their purchase as well as for the design to make them smile. And for it to make strangers smile when they see it.

We care a lot about the environment and try to run our business in the most environmentally friendly ways we can. Some of these are not including paper receipts with orders and using biodegradable padded envelopes.

Lastly, we are an animal-loving, vegan-run company. Of course that doesn’t mean you need to be the same to shop here, it just means that in addition to creepy cute designs of Cthulhu, zombies, vampires and robots, there are tons of animal and vegetarian/vegan designs. These are causes that Jen especially cares about and thus Sick On Sin regularly supports and donates to charities, organizations and events that aim to raise funds / awareness for them.


Thank you again for checking us out! If you ever have any questions, or just want to send words of adoration, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also interact with us (aka Jen) here:



Sick On Sin is located on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee nations, and within the lands protected by the “Dish with One Spoon” Wampum Belt agreement.

We recognize that we are guests in this territory and are privileged to live and work here. We acknowledge the original inhabitants and honour the intimate relationship Indigenous people have to this land.