January 2020's Charity of the Month

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I usually focus on local organizations for our Charity of the Month recipients but the Australia fires are weighing hard on my heart so 10% of January's profits will go towards this cause.

At the time of writing this, more than 12 million acres have burned, over 25 people have died & more than 2000 homes have been destroy. I’m sending love to everyone who has experienced lost, had to be evacuated or is having to breathe the smoke-filled air. Gratitude to everyone doing what they can to help. Thank you especially to the thousands of volunteer firefighters battling the blazes every day (many of whom are forgoing weeks at their regular jobs to help).

Most of the areas destroyed are forests & parkland - home to countless animals. When you include creatures like frogs, bats & insects, it’s estimated that a BILLION animals have perished - leaving many under threat of extinction. It’s believed that 1/3 of all koalas and 1/3 of all flying-foxes are gone. Many animals were already struggling with a lack of water and food due to the worst drought in history. Those not killed in the fires will now struggle to survive due to loss of habitat & decrease in food supply.

There are MANY organizations rescuing animals affected by the fires. I’ve chosen Wildlife Rescue South Coast to donate to. The largest wildlife rescue group in the NSW South Coast region, this volunteer-run org is working round the clock taking in & treating animals. They're also providing community members with food to put in their yards for creatures who escaped the fires but now need resources to survive until plant life regrows. 🦘🦇🦜

As our Charity of the Month, we will be donating 10% of our profits to them. So if you treat yourself to tees, pins, stickers, etc. in January, you’ll also be helping furry and feathered friends down under! https://sickonsin.com

Last year was both the hottest & driest year ever measured in Australia. This disaster is being viewed by many as a future result of global warming. Human-caused climate change lengthens the fire season, decreases precipitation and increases temperature. We as a species need to be better inhabitants of this little planet or we will have to the face the dire consequences. 🌎💚

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