It's a Souper Duper Day!

Happy National Homemade Soup Day! I have mentioned many times in the past how much I love soup - would happily eat it every day! Thus I make soup A LOT. It’s funny, I hate cutting veggies for a salad but have no problem putting in the time chopping them for soup! 🤷‍♀️

Souper Duper Design

 The homemade soups I make most often are vegetable, vegan "chicken" noodle, lentil, and split pea. If you made me pick an all time fave, it would be hard but I might have to go for Dreena Burton's Beans & Greens one as it's packed with so much good stuff (I add even more types of veggies then it calls for extra nutrient and extra YUM!). 

Dreena Burton Beans and Greens Soup

 One of the 13 designs released in December 2018 to celebrate our 13 year anniversary is the adorable Souper Duper! It was inspired by my love of soup as well as my love of the phrase 'super douper'! This design is perfect for anyone else who enjoys slurping up delicious soup. It’s also perfect for anyone who is SUPER - like you! Get it on pins, magnets, keychains, bottle openers and pocket mirrors! 

Souper Duper design by Sick On SinSouper Duper Design by Sick On Sin

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