Sick On Sin is 13!!


Sick On Sin 13 Birthday Sale

Guess what - Sick On Sin is 13 years old! Can you believe that craziness! Does that mean I'm now a parent to a teenager!? Yikes.

I can honestly say it hasn't felt like I've been doing this for 13 years. I've mentioned this many times before, but when I launched the store back in 2005 it was just suppose to be a temporary gig. I left a job in the corporate world and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and thought I could sell some tees while I did that. Guess I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life??

It would have been impossible to survive 13 years (let alone 1 year) without the help, support and love from so many folks. First, HUGE thank you and high fives to everyone who has bought stuff, said kind words to us, promoted us, etc. during the years. Thank you to my family and friends (especially my mom!) who have given up their days off to assist me at events. And of course a GIANT thank you to the amazing Michael, who does all of our adorable designs, graphic work and so much more. I'm incredibly grateful - as without you all I would not be sitting here typing this in 2018! Thank you. <3


A birthday is a time for festivities - so here's how we're celebrating this big milestone!

1. SALE:

It wouldn't be a birthday without a Birthday Sale so here ya go! Get up to 30% off your order by using one of the following coupon codes:

Get 20% off orders up to $75 with code: PARTY20
Get 25% off orders over $75 with code: PARTY25
Get 30% off orders over $150 with code: PARTY30


The coupon codes expire Sunday December 9 (11:59 pm EST) so don't delay - come do some shopping!  

Sick On Sin 13th Birthday



2. New Designs:


To celebrate turning 13, we have released 13 new designs! I'm in love with all of these and I hope you like them too! They're available on pins, magnets, keychains, bottle openers and pocket mirrors - check them all out here! 




3. Free Gifts: 

a) All orders made between Dec 6-9 over $13 (after discount / before shipping) will receive this FREE large magnet of our little Imp friend sporting a Lucky 13 tee!

b) Second, all orders over $13 made between December 6 - 31 will receive a FREE large magnet of this cute Devil Snowman as a special holiday gift. 

Both of these designs are limited edition and not available to buy on their own. 

Lucky 13 Imp limited edition design by Sick On Sin



4. Giveaways:

What's a birthday celebration without games! There's a contest this weekend on both the Sick On Sin Facebook page and the Sick On Sin Instagram page where you can win a button set of 13 of my most fave designs. So be sure to follow both those accounts (if you don't already) and enter the giveaways!

Sick On Sin Birthday Giveaway


Thank you again to everyone who has shown us love over the last 13 years. It's been a fun ride! That said, while there are definitely parts of the biz I love, there are some areas (both large and small) that I'm looking at changing in 2019. Got to keep things fresh! 

Now if you excuse me, I have cake to eat!


P.S. Shipping during this time of year always takes a bit longer than normal. There are also some mail delivery delays due to the backlogs from the recent Canada Post strike. If you are wanting to get items for holiday gifts, please be aware that orders to International and USA destinations likely will not arrive in time. Orders to Canadian addresses still have a chance of arriving if you order ASAP, but please understand that we're not able to guarantee delivery in time. If you live in Southern Ontario, there is the possibility to pick up your order in person - please read our recent Holiday Shipping post for details!




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