Happy 12th Birthday To Us!


Sick On Sin is now 12 years old! Wowza!!!

Wanna know the secret to how you make it to 12 years? It's all thanks to awesome people! HUGE thank you and high fives to everyone who has bought stuff, said kind words to us, promoted us, or supported us in other ways. Thank you to my family and friends who give up their days off to assist me at events. And of course thank you to my partner, Michael, who does all of our designs, graphic work and so much more. You're all amazing! I'm so very grateful to you all - as without you it would not be possible to be doing this for a dozen years. Thank you. <3


Now let's talk about how we're celebrating this milestone:

1. SALE:

Of course we're doing a special sale for our birthday! For the next 4 days you can get up to 40% off your order! Just use one of the following coupon codes (the more you spend, the more you save!):


  • Get 25% off orders up to $100 with code: TWELVE25
  • Get 30% off orders over $100 with code: TWELVE30
  • Get 40% off orders over $200 with code: TWELVE40


    This is the perfect time to grab a bunch of holiday gifts, stocking stuffers and treats for yourself! The coupon codes expire Saturday December 9 (11:59 pm EST) so don't delay - come do some shopping! 



    2. Free Gifts: 

    We're giving away magnets featuring 2 special designs:

    First, we're including a FREE large magnet in all orders over $12 (after discount and before shipping / tax) of our little Imp friend with pitchfork full of cake. This item is limited edition and not available to buy on its own. The only way to get it is to make an order between December 6-9!

    Second, all orders over $12 made between December 6 - 31 will receive a FREE large magnet of this cute Devil Snowman as a special holiday gift. 




    3. Giveaways:

    What's a birthday celebration without games with prizes! We are running a contest on both the Sick On Sin Facebook page and the Sick On Sin Instagram page this week  so be sure to follow both those accounts (if you don't already) and check out the Giveaway posts!  Two lucky people will score $25 gift certificates!


    Thank you again to everyone who has shown us love over the last 12 years. As I've mentioned before, I started Sick On Sin as a temporary thing to do while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I honestly never expected the gig to last this long! While there's definitely been hardships and moments of doubt, overall these years have been pretty A-OK! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life, but until I do I'm happy to keep dishing out the cute shirts and accessories! :D


    P.S. Just a reminder that mail takes longer during December so if you want to get Christmas / Holiday gifts, don't delay getting your order in!! I'm working super hard getting orders out asap but I'm the only person making items and packing them up and can only go so fast! Below are the suggested order by dates to help ensure you get your goodies in time. (FYI I'll be shipping orders right up till Dec. 21 and then taking a little holiday break.)


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