Your Word Of The Year (100 to Choose From!) - Accessory

Sick On Sin



Instead of resolutions, pick a personal Word of the Year instead! Choosing a single word helps you focus your goals, actions and priorities. Think of it as a mantra that guides you through your days.

Resolutions are often phrased in ways that seem like you are failing or need to change. That’s not cool. Power words are much better as they encourage you to continue being the best version of yourself! They are also more flexible, simple and can be applied to different areas of your life. Best part - unlike resolutions, you can't break a word! 

The perfect word might come quickly to you - but if not, take time to think about what is important, what you want to do, and how you want to feel. Scroll the list below and see which ones call to you. (FYI - you might use this word for the whole year - or you may find you want to switch it up every few months!)

Once you have your word, it's important to say, see and use it daily. One way to keep it front and centre is by having a fun piece of flair featuring it - like a pin on your jacket, a magnet on your fridge, a ring for your keys, etc.! That's where we come it! ;) Just choose the type you'd like from the drop down!

We have come up with 100 inspirational words to choose from and listed them below. Please choose a word from this list. When you've picked the one for you, type it in the 'design' field. All designs feature the word written in white text on a black background with a small white heart (to remind you that you picked your word out of love for yourself - not to appease or satisfy someone else!).

  1.  abundance
  2.  accept
  3.  accountable
  4.  action
  5.  adapt
  6.  adventure
  7.  advocate
  8.  appreciate
  9.  attention
  10.  balance
  11.  beauty
  12.  believe
  13.  breathe
  14.  build
  15.  calm
  16.  challenge
  17.  change
  18.  commit
  19.  compassion
  20.  confidence
  21.  connect
  22.  courage
  23.  create
  24.  cultivate
  25.  devote
  26.  discipline
  27.  discover
  28.  dream
  29.  embrace
  30.  empathy
  31.  empower
  32.  energy
  33.  enough
  34.  enjoy
  35.  experience
  36.  explore
  37.  family
  38.  flow
  39.  focus
  40.  forgive
  41.  gratitude
  42.  grow
  43.  happiness
  44.  health
  45.  home
  46.  hope
  47.  imagine
  48.  inspire
  49.  integrity
  50.  intention
  51.  joy
  52.  kindness
  53.  laugh
  54.  learn
  55.  light
  56.  listen
  57.  love
  58.  manifest
  59.  magic
  60.  memories
  61.  mindful
  62.  motivate
  63.  nature
  64.  nourish
  65.  nurture
  66.  observe
  67.  organize
  68.  overcome
  69.  passion
  70.  patience
  71.  pause
  72.  peace
  73.  play
  74.  positivity
  75.  presence
  76.  purpose
  77.  reflect
  78.  release
  79.  renew
  80.  resilience
  81.  rest
  82.  seek
  83.  self-love
  84.  simplify
  85.  shine
  86.  slow
  87.  spark
  88.  speak
  89.  strength
  90.  success
  91.  teach
  92.  thrive
  93.  today
  94.  transform
  95.  trust
  96.  understand
  97.  unlearn
  98.  warrior
  99.  wellness
  100.  wisdom



    All of our accessories feature our original designs. They are printed using high quality ink / paper resulting in bold, clear and colourful graphics; and they are hand-pressed by us using professional quality machines and parts. Please see a description of all the available accessories below for more details:

    1. 1" Button: design on front and locking spring pin on back
    2. 1" Magnet: design on front and magnetic back
    3. 1" Keychain: design on front, black plastic back and a metal key ring
    4. 1" Zipper Pull: design on front, black plastic back and a metal zipper pull
    5. 2.25" Large Button: design on front and metal back with pin
    6. 2.25" Large Magnet: design on front and large flat magnet on back
    7. 2.25" Magnetic Bottle Opener: design on front and black plastic backing with small magnet and opener slot. (Note: these are meant to be more decorative / handy stuck to your fridge as as they don't have a very strong magnet.)
    8. 2.25" Keychain Bottle Opener: design on front and metal backing with opener slot and keyring
    9. 2.25" Pocket Mirror: design on front with real glass mirror backing. Comes packaged with a velveteen black baggie.