Veggie Love - Button / Magnet Set


Sick On Sin

$10.20 CAD $12.00 CAD


We’ve grouped a few designs together to make this fun themed set! Get the pack as either 1 inch pins or 1 inch magnets - your choice!

This themed set includes the following 6 cute vegetable designs:

  • I Love Veggies
  • I Love Potatoes
  • I Love Kale
  • Eat Your Veggies
  • Big Salad
  • Fruit & Veg Gang


Product Details:

Our 1” buttons and magnets are happy little items - they are like cute, colourful candy! Non-edible candy that you pin to your jacket / bag or stick on your fridge!

Sets include a group of Sick On Sin's cute original designs drawn by us. Our accessories are printed using high quality ink / paper resulting in bold, clear and colourful graphics. They are hand-pressed by us using professional quality machines and parts.

This themed pack come in a fun Sick On Sin matchbook style package that’s perfect for gift giving! If you don’t need the packaging, please let me know in the ‘notes’ section during check out. (Longterm fans may remember this packaging - we used it for a short while when we launched back in 2005. We found a box of them in storage and thought it would make sense to use them up!)