Build Your Pack - 1 Inch Keychains / Zipper Pulls

Sick On Sin

$14.00 CAD 

Note: there are a few designs which are only available in the larger 2.25 inch size. Please double check each design's listing to make sure it comes in 1 inch size.


If you want to get 5 or more of either our 1 Inch Keychains or Zipper Pulls, then this listing is for you! These items make great little gifts (either for yourself or loved ones). The Zipper Pulls especially are great to give to kids for their coats and bags - they love them!

First, check out all the available accessory designs. Then choose the number / type of item you want in your pack (5, 10 or 20) and write the desired design names in the 'Designs' text field. If you want a mix of types, please put either 'keychain' or 'zipper pull' after the corresponding design name.

Keychains and Zipper Pulls are regularly $3 each but you get a deal the more you buy. So buy a bunch!

These items feature our original designs and are made using the front of a button and a black plastic backing. The Keychain has a metal ring and the Zipper pull has a little metal clasp. We draw, print and then hand press them ourselves using high quality machines and parts.