Creepy Candy Hearts - Accessory

Sick On Sin

$2.00 CAD 


What do you get when you cross Halloween with Valentine's Day? Creepy candy hearts!!

These treats are the perfect blend of spooky, cute and fun. And unlike real candy hearts, they won't leave your mouth tasting like chalk and regret!

These creepy conversation hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, Halloween and any ol' day in between! Gift 'em to your favourite fiends (or your worst enemies) to let them know how you feel. Or get some for yourself - the best recipient of all!

There are 14 fiendish phrases, all done on grey gravestone-inspired hearts. Just pick the one(s) you'd like and type the name(s) in the comment field during checkout. Also pick the type of flair item you'd like from the drop down menu and the quantity.

  4.  HAUNT ME
  5.  BATTY 4 U
  6.  R.I.P CUPID
  7.  TRUE BOO
  8.  #1 GHOUL
  10.  HEX ME UP
  12.  TIL DEATH
  13.  CREEP
  14.  DROP DEAD



All of our accessories feature our original designs. They are printed using high quality ink / paper resulting in bold, clear and colourful graphics; and they are hand-pressed by us using professional quality machines and parts. Here are descriptions of all the available accessory items available:

  1. 1" Button: design on front and locking spring pin on back
  2. 1" Magnet: design on front and magnetic back
  3. 1" Keychain: design on front, black plastic backing and a metal key ring
  4. 1" Zipper Pull: design on front, black plastic backing and a metal zipper pull
  5. 2.25" Large Button: design on front and metal back with pin
  6. 2.25" Large Magnet: design on front and large flat magnet on back
  7. 2.25" Magnetic Bottle Opener: design on front and black plastic backing with small magnet and opener slot. (Note: these are meant to be more decorative / handy stuck to your fridge as as they don't have a very strong magnet.)
  8. 2.25" Keychain Bottle Opener: design on front and metal backing with opener slot and keyring
  9. 2.25" Pocket Mirror: design on front with real glass mirror backing. Comes packaged with a velveteen black baggie.