Marshmallow - Accessory

Sick On Sin

$2.00 CAD 


Look at this lil' cutie! A perfect design for anyone who enjoys roasting marshmallows over campfires!

When we were brainstorming summer treat design ideas of course a marshmallow friend came to mind! (I do feel a little bad this cutie is being held over a flame - but it doesn't look like he minds the heat!)

We can't eat regular marshmallows (due to the gelatine) but thankfully there are vegan ones (such as Dandies) that we bring on camping trips! 

Get our cute Marshmallow design on your choice of:

    • 1" pin back button
    • 1" magnet
    • 1" keychain 
    • 1" zipper pull
    • 2.25" large pin button
    • 2.25" large magnet
    • 2.25" magnetic bottle opener
    • 2.25" keychain bottle opener
    • 2.25" pocket mirror


'Marshmallow' is a Sick On Sin original design. All of our accessories are printed using high quality ink / paper resulting in bold and colourful graphics. They are then hand-pressed by us using professional quality machines and parts. Check out a description of our available accessory options below:

  1. 1" Button: design on front and locking spring pin on back
  2. 1" Magnet: design on front and magnetic back
  3. 1" Keychain: design on front, black plastic back and a metal key ring
  4. 1" Zipper Pull: design on front, black plastic back and a metal zipper pull
  5. 2.25" Large Button: design on front and metal back with pin
  6. 2.25" Large Magnet: design on front and large flat magnet on back
  7. 2.25" Magnetic Bottle Opener: design on front and black plastic backing with small magnet and opener slot. (Note: these are meant to be more decorative / handy stuck to your fridge as as they don't have a very strong magnet.)
  8. 2.25" Keychain Bottle Opener: design on front and metal backing with opener slot and keyring
  9. 2.25" Pocket Mirror: design on front with real glass mirror backing. Comes packaged with a velveteen black baggie.