Not My Entertainment (Orca) - Men / Women Tee (*ALMOST GONE!*)

Sick On Sin

$28.00 CAD 


Orcas (aka Killer Whales) swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild. However at marine parks they are confined to tanks, that to them, would be the size of a bathtub. In the wild they live in tight-knit social groups, but in captivity they are forced to stay in close quarters with orcas from different families - which results in stress, tension, fighting and death.

Please, please, please think twice before visiting and supporting places where beautiful ocean creatures are stuffed into depressing, tiny cells. No animal should live a life of sadness and suffering just for our entertainment. 

This animal rights tee has messaging done in a simple yet powerful way. If you want to share your views on the use of animals in the entertainment industry but don't feel comfortable wearing shirts with messaging done in aggressive or graphic ways, then this is perfect for you!

Product Details:

  • This tshirt features our cute original Not My Entertainment - Orca design.
  • Available on either Men / Unisex fit tees in sizes small to 3xl, or on Girlie Fit (Women) tees in sizes small - 2xl.
  • We use high quality, lightweight, 100% cotton tees (American Apparel). Super soft and comfy! Organic tee options are also available.
  • These tees (especially the ladies style) have a more tapered fit. If you prefer a looser fit or are inbetween sizes, we suggest ordering a size larger than you usually take.
  • Recommend Care: Wash in cold water and hang to dry or use low heat setting in dryer. If you use the normal setting in a dryer, a bit of shrinking may occur. 
We want this tee to fit perfectly! Please consult the size chart to make sure you're getting the correct size!

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