Elephant - Men / Women Tee

Sick On Sin

$28.00 CAD 


Elephants are one of the smartest creatures on earth. They also possess many interesting (humanlike) traits. They have a great capacity for compassion which they demonstrate by caring for the wounded and grieving and burying the deceased. They also have a great memory and will recognize long-lost friends. Upon the return of an old aquaintance, elephants perform a happy dance to greet them where they spin in circles, flap their ears, and trumpet!

This tee features our cute original Elephant design. It is available in either Men / Unisex or in Women / Girlie Fit sizes on a variety of colours. We use high quality, lightweight, 100% cotton American Apparel tees - super comfy! These tees have a more tapered fit so if you prefer a looser fit, please order a size larger.

We want this tee to fit perfectly! Please consult the size chart to make sure you're getting the correct size!


All tees come with a FREE random 1 inch button. Woo!