Build Your Pack - Bottle Openers (2.25 Inch)

Sick On Sin

$17.00 CAD 


If you want to get 3 or more of our bottle openers then this listing is for you! We offer 2 types of openers. Keychain Bottle Openers have a metal back and a ring for your keys. Magnetic Bottle Openers have a plastic back and a small magnet for sticking it up on your fridge*. 

First, check out all the available accessory designs. Then choose the number / type of openers you want in your pack (3, 5 or 10) and write the desired design names in the 'Designs' text field. If you want a mix of types, please put either 'keychain' or 'magnetic' after the corresponding design name.

Bottle Openers are regularly $6 each but you get a deal the more you buy:

  • 3 Pack - $17.00
  • 5 Pack - $25.00
  • 10 Pack - $48.00

The Bottle Openers have our original design on the front and an opener on the back. We print and handpress them ourselves using high quality machines and parts.

*Magnetic Bottle Openers don't use a very strong magnet. They are meant to add some fun to your fridge / be handy when you need an opener. If you are looking for magnets to stick stuff up with, please look at our large magnet listing!