Giraffe - Men / Women Tee

Sick On Sin

$28.00 CAD 


If you happen to have a soft spot for these long-neck cuties, then this tee would be a perfect addition to your closet! (Our giraffe's neck is a little on the stubby side. But he doesn't seem to be letting it dampen his spirit! Go short neck giraffe go!)

This tee features our cute original Giraffe design. It is available in either Men / Unisex or Women / Girlie Fit sizes on a variety of colours. We use high quality, lightweight, 100% cotton American Apparel tees - super comfy! These tees have a more tapered fit so if you prefer a looser fit, please order a size larger.

We want this tee to fit perfectly! Please consult the size chart to make sure you're getting the correct size!


All tees come with a FREE random 1 inch button. Woo!